Brian Pieters tells your story

with powerful, engaging visual media content

Engaging Video Content

We offer a powerful combination of still and motion imagery that effectively reaches your audience.

Compelling Industrial Content

created for industry leading global companies

Corporate Photography

25 years of experience providing engaging corporate location photography

Brian Pieters tells your story

Todays websites depend on strong, engaging visual content

Executive Portraits

25 years of experience providing sophisticated executive portraits for major corporations

Brian Pieters Corporate Visuals

An award-winning, global photographer and videographer, based
in Toronto, Canada, Brian has an easy-going collaborative work style, and a solid reputation for being an innovative and flexible shooter. For over 25 years, his keen eye for lighting and dramatic composition has made him a sought after image and content provider for many of the worlds top companies. From corporate boardrooms to underground mining operations, to landscape aerials or inside processing facilities, Brian is an accomplished shooter that consistently captures the essence of the subject matter.

toronto photographer

Effective Digital Communication

Strong visual content, tailored to todays increasingly sophisticated web audience, is a crucial element in a digital landscape where establishing and messaging your differentiators relies on the strength of your websites visual content.

Engaging Visual Content Production

We offer a powerful combination of stills and motion imagery that effectively reaches your audience and differentiates you in a crowded and competitive marketplace.


We’re passionate about understanding your needs and meeting your expectations. We’ve been helping industry leading companies tell their stories with impact and passion for the past 25 years.

Effective Image Content Creation

Web content is no longer just pictures and text. Effective web sites are powered by engaging visual content combinations of still and motion imagery.

Corporate video

The web is now the dominant marketing and communication medium and its primary content element is video. Operating from Toronto as a nimble two man crew we bring 25 years of lighting and corporate shooting experience to capture cinematic video footage and interviews with a strong visual narrative that supports your message and strengthens your brand.

Toronto Corporate Photographer Videographer
Toronto Corporate Photographer Videographer

The Video Portrait

Images and text are the tools of the web past.  Engaging video portraits are todays tools for connecting with and messaging your audience in an engaging and credible way.  We specialize in producing beautifully lit and composed cinematic video messages.

Product video

Leading websites increasingly are replacing text and photographs with informative and engaging video and motion content to effectively communicate the strengths of their products.

Toronto Corporate Photographer Videographer

Industrial Photography

Often underestimated in its complexity, industrial photography requires a solid understanding of a process and the photographic expertise to quickly and efficiently apply an effective creative approach and technique to illustrate the process within its particular safety and time restraints.


Industrial environments are most often fast paced and potentially hazardous if safety protocols are ignored. We are experienced, conscientous and fully equipped to deal with all manner of industrial environments.  We have provided video and photography in iron and copper smelting facilities, underground mining operations, nuclear reactors and automotive production lines, to name a few.


Industrial assignments require a solid understanding of the environment and process to be photographed. Equipment choice, lighting and approach all have to be balanced against the list of images required and the industrial process and production and safety limitations of the process. Flexibility and innovation are key to working around the many challenges present in photographing industrial environments.

Corporate and Industrial Photography


We have provided executive portraits for many of Toronto’s top executives for over 20 years.

A professional executive portrait is far more than capturing a nice smile. Successful executive portraits requires highly finessed lighting, composition and gentle posing direction to capture not just a smiling person but to work with a portrait subject to create an image of a professional, approachable, industry professional that acceptably represents a companies brand and value proposition.


20 Years of experience photographing people and processes in industries across the globe allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge to your project. From corporate boardrooms in Toronto to operating theatres and nuclear reactors across Ontario to gold mine in West Africa, our deeply varied exposure to a cross section of industries enables us to provide creative image solutions to any corporate and industrial process on time, on budget in a professional and collaborative work style.

What They Say

Brian is my first choice of photographer for several reasons – he is extremely professional, easy to work with, creative and talented.  I have confidence that he will run with whatever challenge I throw his way, with a great sense of humour and work that continues to exceed my expectations.  
Catherine Doncaster
Catherine DoncasterCreative Director, Fluid Design
Brian, just a brief note to say thanks for taking such great photos and for managing all the last minute requests. Your work has elevated our materials and has been a critical part of creating a much more professional image for our company.  
Annemarie Brisenden
Annemarie BrisendenInvestor Relations
Brian is extremely diligent and organized in his preparation, highly motivational on set to those involved on the project and highly adaptive to client and creative direction and requests. I would highly recommend Brian for assignments and projects requiring world-class caliber photography.
Rob Sandler
Rob SandlerVP Marketing

We have been providing award winning visual content to industry leaders for over 25 years

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