We’re passionate about understanding your needs and meeting your expectations. For the past 25 years, we’ve been helping companies tell their stories with impact and passion.







A Global Visual Content Provider

We operate from a well equipped  studio in downtown Toronto using premium colour calibrated digital equipment with multiple hardware backups and experienced crew to ensure a successful shoot. We have the resources and contacts to procure additional crew, hair and make artists, wardrobe stylists, location scouts or any other expertise required to complete a particular assignment

We only shoot 22 mega pixel high resolution raw camera files to provide exceptional image quality that exceeds most clients reproduction needs.  We are experienced at shooting in a variety of environments, mixed lighting conditions – like fluorescent, tungsten or sodium vapour light sources.  We always shoot tethered to a laptop on location so that you or your project representative can view every frame we shoot.  This ensures that we not only get great shots but that we get the shot you want.


Our Team

  • Brian Pieters
    Brian PietersPhotographer Filmaker

    An award-winning, global photographer and videographer, based in toronto, Canada, Brian has an easy-going collaborative work style, and a solid reputation for being an innovative and flexible shooter. For over 20 years, his keen eye for lighting and dramatic composition has made him a sought after image and content provider for many of the worlds top companies.

  • Thomas Lee
      Thomas LeeAssistant and Digital Technician

      Thomas is a highly experienced assistant, capture technician and digital retoucher.  His extensive production and digital skills form an integral part of our team on location and in the studio.